Some people visiting this site might know me from my other life in which music plays a central role.

Musical Compositions. I was and am part of multiple experimental electronic music projects (1., 2., 3.) over the last decade with releases on influential Tokyo-based Noble Label, Tokyo-based Flau Records, vinyl imprint Doumen Records and Leipzig-based vinyl imprint Holger. Here and here my discography.

Own Label. I am co-running two experimental electronic music labels. The goal of the labels is to give overlooked cutting-edge artists we love a platform and a voice. We have released music by artists from all over the world and keep on doing so. You can check out the vinyl label here and the cassette label here.

Concerts. I have played concerts in many highly regarded underground locations and festivals across Europe, did a Goethe Institute funded Japan tour, played Dommune Tokyo, played Boiler Room and many other exciting places.

Events. In the past, our label collective would regularly take over spaces and rebuild them (sometimes for days) and then curate the musical and artistic content of the space. We did such events in multiple international locations, festivals, clubs and concert venues.